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PLC For Injection Moulding Machines

We are doing recondition for any brand of injection moulding machine with any brand of PLC as per customer Requirement

Classic110Used_Injection_Moulding_Machine Products For Injection Moulding Machines

We are having Various Products for Injection Moulding Machines as one stop solution for Injection Moulding Machines Chennai Tamilnadu

Servomotors for Injection Moulding Machines

We are dealing with Servo Motors for injection Moulding Machines as per customer requirement 
PressureTransducer  Used Injection Moulding Machines Buy/Sell

We can offer Used Injection Moulding Machines in India by Completely Reconditioning the Machines up to the customer satisfaction level
Installation of Injection Moulding Machines

We do  PLC installation for any injection moulding machines of any brand with Service Support
Spares for Injection Moulding machines

We are having spares for the Plastic  injection moulding machines in chennai if not so we will source for your requirement 


Services for Injection Moulding Machines

We do Services for any type of Plastic Injection Moulding Machines with one stop solution for all the relevant fields to the injection moulding machines for example Electrical,Electronics,Hydraulics,PLC Etc

Services we provide

• We Sadguru Plastic Technologies Chennai Tamilnadu India  offer Service Solutions for Plastic Injection Molding Machines in India with any type of Controller

• We Recondition any type of Used Plastic Injection Machines and Blow Molding Machines in India  at any condition and make the Machine Running

• We Offer Consultancy for New and Used Plastic Injection Molding Machines  based on Customers Requirement, Giving the customer best Suggestion as per the Budget of the customer with better Savings on Power Consumption on Plastic Injection Molding Machines In India.

• We deal with Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machines of any Brand ranging from 40 ton to 500 tons. Higher Tonnage used Plastic  Injection Molding Machines above 350 ton against the customer order.  

   We are having three Injection Molding Machines for Production Nessei 80 Tons Kawaguchi 125 Tons and CLF 200 Ton for Production of Plastic Injection Molding Components

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