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:: PLC For Injection Molding Machine

We Reconditioned  & Retrofitted all over India more than 500 Machines of Different Brands and some of the brands mentioned below 

 Arburg,Battenfield, Cincinnati,CLF, DGP Windsor,Dong shin, Demag, Dr.Boy, Engel,Electronica, FCS, HWA Chin,Hishiya, Jon Wai JSW, Kawaguchi,Komatsu,Krauss Mauffei, Meiki,Multi Plas, Mitsubishi,Matsuda, Nanrong,Negribossi, Nigatta, Nissin, Nessei, Lien fa, TMC, Toyo,TKC, Thoshiba , Victor,Netstall Sumitomo,SM,Sodiq,UBE etc..‎

A. Injection Molding Machine 1. Horizontal type 
2. Single and multi station and  Vertical Sliding type
3. Single and multi station Rotary type
B. Blow Molding Machine
C. Special Purpose Machine

   Mega Magic

Mega Magic MMI  Magic PLC

Nano Smart

 MegaMagic  NANOPLC

Nano Magic

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